A common question for beginner and intermediate-level squads is what does 'good' look like when creating an Epic. This usually includes some sort of quantifiable measure around how large said Epic shoudl be.

Rather than trying to look externally for a 'best practice' solution, we should instead look internally. By collecting every Epic, and the number of child User Stories beneath them, and tallying them up into a histogram we can see what a 'typical' Epic has looked like up until now. This should in turn spark questions around the characteristics of those Epics, namely:

  • Were the Epics of X size large enough to deliver real customer value?
  • Were those same Epics small enough to fit in our release cadence, or customer measurement cycle?
  • Based on these answers, should we be trying to shift the needle towards larger, or smaller Epics?

If you'd like to know how this visualisation could be implemented in your organisation, feel free to contact me!