Dependency Mapper for Jira

Manage your Jira dependencies in an easy and engaging way

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Unlock your productivity

Are you finding your projects aren't meeting their due dates?

Finding it difficult to sequence your work across multiple projects?

The Dependency Mapper for Jira app gives you the capability to set up easy, insightful charts that highlight the unseen bottlenecks in your workflow that can be difficult to track.

Complex coordination made simple

Are you trying to manage Scrum and Kanban Jira boards simultaneously?

Teams running sprints that aren't aligned, or out of sync?

The Dependency Mapper for Jira app does the hard work for you, giving you the option to blend Sprint dates, Fix Version releases and Due dates at the click of a button to give you a *true* sense of progress.

Set yourself up for success

Are certain projects or teams taking more than their fair share of requests?

Could you projects be optimised to remove bottlenecks entirely?

The Dependency Mapper for Jira app can show you which projects or teams share common threads, giving you actionable insights to take control and put you on the path toward success.

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