TheWebAppMarket applauds the Dependency Mapper for Jira

TheWebAppMarket called Dependency Mapper for Jira an innovative product that permits clients to visualise cross-project relationships throughout the work process. The Dependency mapper for Jira gives a visual review for Jira dependencies and grants complete oversight on the gathering and progress of your work. Mapping data dependencies will give you and your team a better understanding of how data streams and assists the systems in the Jira stack.

Through Dependency Mapper for Jira, you can convert issue links into beautiful insightful charts to get a crystal-clear idea of your information and help data streams structure more efficient tracking plans. Dependency Mapper for Jira also provides actionable reports to identify any outstanding blockages that need to be sorted out immediately.

Dependency Mapper for Jira ensures that all team members have all the dependencies laid out in one place. The plug-in makes it easier for every member to manage tasks and stay up-to-date with progress across the board. In addition, through interactive charts, organizations can improve the relationships between their teams because there is a clearer picture of dependencies on the Jira backlog.

“True agility is not about the speed to make a decision, but rather the speed to abandon that decision in favour of a smarter one.” - Brad Quirk


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