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Taking Agile to the next level

We believe that
creating cultural shifts based on data-driven insights
for software and service-oriented organisations
will take their transformation to the next level

From Scrum to Kanban. Startups to scaled enterprises. Data-curious to data-driven. We've been there and can help fast-track you to your destination.

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Agile Coaching

The next wave of agile coaches will go beyond basic practices and implementing frameworks, and instead will focus on creating bespoke delivery systems that fit the context of an organisation.

Using data-driven insights will become paramount to improve both the delivery of services, and sustaining a healthy work culture in your organisation.

Jira App Development

Many companies are pushing the boundaries of Atlassian's software management tool, Jira, to it's full extent. Having accessible, and insightful, dashboards that are easy to consume allow your teams to focus on what matters most.

To help you with your agile reporting we've created a set of Jira apps that can be installed on both Cloud and Server instances to help take your teams to the next level.

Agile Delivery Expertise

As agile delivery practices mature, Scrum Masters and Iteration Managers will need to embed customer centricity in everything their team does.

Continuous improvement will go beyond the team and become a relentless pursuit of experimentation and value creation. We can help you optimise your pipeline to deliver quality services to your customers.

Jira Apps

Helping teams understand and navigate complex delivery

Viz Portfolio

Turning your data into insightful, consumable and engaging insights

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